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Qingdao dyeing Industry Association was founded in May 2000, the Association hired professional technicians with rich experience in dyeing of full-time staff of three.
Qingdao dyeing industry association's efforts in recent years, the association has achieved encouraging results. Associations work has been widely recognized in 2005 by the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce dyeing professional committee designated as "China's dyeing industry, Qingdao Technical Training Center" in 2006, was dyeing Professional Committee of China General Chamber of Commerce awarded the "China General Chamber of Commerce wash Professional Committee of the designated dyeing dyeing quality evaluation station ", the same year, the Consumer Association of Qingdao, Qingdao City, dyeing industry association set up a" Complaint Station 3.15 dyeing industry ", in 2008, was named Qingdao Economic and Trade Commission," 2006-2007 highlights of the annual Association of ten units of innovation. "
2006 Qingdao dyeing Industry Association drafted the "Qingdao dyeing is also the local standards" in the same year that we have been carrying out a washing accident relief; opening dyeing obligations technical advice telephone; to carry out cleaning services, dispute resolution, industrial rights protection and other services; 2007 Qingdao dyeing Industry Association drafted the "Shandong Province is also local standard dyeing", the standard was formally implemented in 2008.
Qingdao dyeing industry trade association organized each year by operators to inspect the exchange and technical training, learning the advanced experience of the past few years, the city's dyeing industry, raise the level of expertise, there are more than 200 people access to national vocational qualifications, ranked first in Shandong Province.
Qingdao dyeing industry associations under the leadership of the Shan-house, president, continuously forge ahead, now Qingdao dyeing industry associations in order to perfect the institution-building and diversified services to become a leading organization in Shandong Province dyeing industry.

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