2014 China Laundry and Dyeing Industry Awards Ceremony was held in Shanghai

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2014 China Laundry and Dyeing Industry Awards Ceremony& the Reception Banquet of Laundry Expo 2014 was held in Shanghai on Sep.20th. There were altogether more than 500 people attended the award ceremony, including member association leaders, business representatives and excellent brand representatives and industry elites. Besides, there were many leaders invited to come to this ceremony, such as president of China Genneral Chamber of Commerce Mr.Zhang Zhigang, deputy general directer of Research Bureau State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council Mr.Zhang Tao, CEO of the International Committee of Textile Care, Mr.Peter Wennekes. Director of China laundry association, China General Chamber of Commerce, Ms. Wang Shuyuan.Executive Deputy Director and secretary general of China laundry association, China General Chamber of Commerce, Mr.Pan Wei.Executive Deputy Director of China laundry association,China General Chamber of Commerce, Mr.Shu Qi & Mr. Wang Houzeng.Director of Committee of Laundry experts,China General Chamber of Commerce, Pro.Wen Lisheng. Senior Vice Chairman of Shanghai Commercial Association, Mr.Cai Hongsheng. Deputy Director and Secretary General of Shanghai Commercial Association, Ms.Liu Rongming and so on.


The award ceremony held at the Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center banquet hall. Ceremony site was decorated bright and gorgeous. Entered the hall, a huge background wall showing the winning units and winners photo, the participants signed their names at the wall; center stage LED big screen playing video and ceremony activities, on two sides of the LED screen board written "Congratulations to establish China general chamber of commerce laundry business committee of the tenth anniversary ", "Congratulations to hold China laundry and dyeing industry 2014 award ceremony". Sponsors congratulations banner were hung on the wall of the hall. The ceremony began at 17:00.


The ceremony awarded the "China Famous Laundry and Dyeing Brand" , "National Excellent Laundry and Dyeing Industry Manager", "National Innovative Laundry and Dyeing Industry Figures", "National Laundry and Dyeing Industry Trustworthy Product", "National Laundry and Dyeing Industry Outstanding Contributor" , "National Merit Laundry and Dyeing Industry Figure". CLA published 6 events with 151 brands or individual awards in recognition of the award-winning organizations and individuals in the past two years hard work and fruitful harvest for China laundry and dyeing industry.

China Laundry and Dyeing Industry Awards Ceremony is aim to publish great debut biennial excellent brand and industry elite, to promote the brand and industrial culture construction, to enhance the industry cohesion, to enhance social awareness of outstanding enterprises and advanced character. 2014 China Laundry and Dyeing Industry Awards Ceremony attracted attention and expectations from the beginning of the preparations, the awards ceremony of its grand scale and the most authoritative and most influential publishing for local & foreign laundry and dyeing industry and the public attention.

China Laundry and Dyeing Industry Awards Ceremony not only for the industry associations play an active role to promote the development of the industry, but also the development of the laundry and dyeing industry as a whole to make a scientific layout, to unite forces to develop dyeing industry markets livelihood undertakings. We sincerely hope that through this event, will able to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees to enhance their image and increase social awareness of outstanding companies and industries advanced character, lead the industry to further improve the product or service quality, for the smooth realization of the national services "Twelfth Five-Year plan" to promote scientific development laundry and dyeing industry to make a positive contribution.

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