Letter on Collect the Materials for Building "Laundry Culture Museum"

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Local Associations for Laundry and Dyeing Industry, laundry and dyeing enterprises and relevant enterprises, and laundry and dyeing members:

In order to promote the cultural construction of the laundry and dyeing industry in China, show the style of the industry, popularize laundry knowledge and technology, close the distance between the social public and laundry industry, transfer the consumers' ideas and guide consumption, the China General Chamber Of Commerce, Laundry Business Committee decides to assist Guangdong Association for Laundry and Dyeing Industry, Guangdong Tiantian Laundry and Washing Chain Co., Ltd. to build the "Laundry Culture Museum". Now, we are collecting the various materials and data in the process of development and change of the laundry and dyeing industry at home and abroad, and looking forward to cooperating actively.

The main contents include

Literature data, such as meeting document, certificate, works, books, manuscript, relevant journals;

Picture and image, such as picture and image of the important activity in the industry;

Real object, such as relevant products of equipment and model.

II. Collection requirement

1. Literature: the original theme is not limited. Please note the source when selecting or reprinting;

2. Picture and image: the picture and image shall have true contents and be clear, the black and white pictures and color pictures are unlimited, and the size is not limited;

3. Real object: the objects and category related to the laundry are unlimited. (Regardless of the donation of the individuals and teams, the donators will be listed next to the objects in the museum. In addition, the museum can also purchase the objects from the individuals or teams who are unwilling to leave their name, and the price is negotiable.)

4. For the picture and real object, please attach the concise text description, noting the title, shooting time, place, name of person, event recorded on the picture, historical background introduction related to the content of the picture and the like; and meanwhile, it shall note whether the picture is original or remade and scanned. Please note the name and telephone of the photographer or collector, so as to contact.

III. Submission way

1. All units can upload and submit the materials meeting the content by QQ, E-mail and other ways.

2. The materials submitted by all units or individuals shall be preferred. They will be included in the relevant directory of the museum by the submission units or individuals.

IV. Contact information:

1. Preparation team of "Laundry Culture Museum"

Tel: 020-83708785, 13316082248

Contact: Zhou Jianhua 

E-mail: laundry-culture@foxmail.com QQ: 3238484154

Address: Room B5101, Zhonghua Plaza, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province

Washing and Dyeing Committee

Tel: 010-66094022 Meng Yuchen

E-mail: chinalaundry@vip.163.com

    QQ: 2221267149

This collection has the far-reaching significance in the industry, which can effectively expand the influence of the laundry and dyeing industry; and moreover, it can also show its cultural deposits for the enterprises and individuals, and has huge influence on the inheriting of the industrial culture. The relevant units or individuals shall take it seriously, and provide the materials or clues; and they will be included in the relevant directory of the museum by the submission units or individuals, once selected.


China General Chamber Of Commerce, Laundry Business Committee

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