Chinese Laundry industry committee to the America&Mexican delegation

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Chinese Laundry industry committee of the organization to the America&Mexican delegation will depart on the 11 day event on June 2nd, during the visit to Europe and the United States the largest dyeing industry exhibition CleanShow and investigate local representative clothing care and public spinning washing enterprises. CleanShow the same period will have the International Committee of textile care sponsored by Lars O2O washing international academic exchanges, many developed countries and regions of the O2O washing industry elite representatives gathered to analyze the status quo of national O2O washing industry and future development trend of AC O2O washing industry development experience, deepen the cooperation between the organization of each enterprise.

 Members of the delegation will have the opportunity to contact the international industry elite, understand the advanced management concepts and models of the leading enterprises in the industry, and appreciate the essence of the industry's top corporate culture.


 ‘Meet & Experience the Worlds Most Ambitious Laundry on Demand Platforms for Modern Professional laServices’

Laundry On-Demand (LOD) is the new business model applied in the PTC industry, also known as ‘the Uber for Laundry’. CINET is inviting the most ambitious ‘Laundry On-Demand’ platforms currently active in the market to share their story with a pitch-presentation on their concept. In between plenty of opportunity for networking is arranged. The Meetup is an open invitation for like-minded stakeholders in the laundry industry to join. The goal is to bring people together, exchange info on latest developments and have a great time while doing this.

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