2017 China Laundry Industry Leaders Summit

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       June 26th-27th,"2017 China Laundry Industry Leaders Summit" was held in Guangzhou . The conference was organized by the China Laundry Association, Guangdong Tiantianxiyi Co.,Ltd., Guangdong Province Laundry Industry Association, Guangzhou Laundry Industry Association and Unifair Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd.Director of China laundry association, China General Chamber of Commerce, Mr.Pan Wei, Many directors of China laundry association,represents of company and local association, experts over 80 people participated in conference.

        The meeting discussed the development trend of Laundry industry, discussed the "China Laundry Industry Development Report 2017", informed the preparations for the Third China International Laundry Festival, visited the large laundry park and launched a wide-ranging cultural exchange dialogue around the industry hotspot.

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