Exciting Concurrent Activicities of China Laundry Expo 2018

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On May 3rd, 2018, the first working week after the Labor’s Day, Mr. Pan Wei, director of China Laundry Association made a special trip to Guangzhou, and met with Ms. Han Xiuping, GM of UNIFAIR, Mr. Ouyang Wangji, Vice GM of UNIFAIR and Ms. Tao Yuting, Sales Vice GM of UNIFAIR for the pre-event meeting of the 19th China Laundry Expo. The meeting has enhanced arrangements of the next stage sales and promotion for the exhibition by narrowing workloads and specifying responsibilities. Meanwhile, they have emphasized the necessity to strengthen the promotion in the final stretch in order to attract as more quality buyers home and abroad as possible, so as to finally ensure the successful exhibition.


2018 (3rd) China Public Textiles Laundry Summit ForumDuring the meeting, they have mainly discussed the top four exciting concurrent programs of the exhibition by defining the proposal, procedures and time table of the respective activity.


2018 (3rd) China Public Textiles Laundry Summit Forum

Forum time: July 17th (full day)

As a high-end communication activity, the forum has great influence on the laundry industry of its internationalism, prospectiveness and point of reference.

1. Keynote Speech:

Inviting authoritative experts and leaders from the fields of environmental protection and standard to make detailed explanation according to the environmental trend,requirements and solutions;

Inviting Chinese and foreign well-known figures and scholars from laundry industry to conduct in-depth analysis of capital operations,management operations and technological development,etc.

Moreover, senior industry executives will share their solutions of construction of laundry plants,energy saving and emission reduction,etc.And they will also offer professional interpretation of leasing washing practices and innovations.

2. High-end Dialogue:

Inviting famous expert in public textile laundry industry to give advice and solutions for practitioners of what they want to know most, based on their rich experience by years accumulation, to bringing insights and ideas for participants to confront the difficulty, challenges and trends of the public textile laundry industry.

Contact: Ms.Yang Yuelu,  Ms.Liu Yunli

Tel:010-6609 4022   182 0165 7835



Showcase of the Salution to China Laundry Figures on the 40th Anniversary of China Reform & Opening-up

2018 is the 40th anniversary of China Reform & Opening-up. China laundry industry has become an indispensable and important industry which closely connecting with the daily life of citizens. Through the 40 years, we have witnessed the silent persistence and devotion of numerous China laundry figures, while a group of outstanding entrepreneurs have been emerging from the industry. They have passionate characteristics of being courageous, aggressive and innovative; They have spared no efforts in holding their responsibilities for the development of local even the whole country’s laundry industry; They have been leading the industry forward steadily. Every step of the prosperous development of China laundry industry has meaningful relationship with their wisdom and courage. 

The power of example is infinite. Fine example is the best guidance, while excellent model is the best persuasion. In this grand commemorative year of the 40th anniversary of China Reform & Opening-up, the organizers will work together with local laundry associations to jointly organize Showcase of the Salution to China Laundry Figures on the 40th Anniversary of China Reform & Opening-up on the occasion of the 19th China International Laundry Expo, which is the exclusive largest event in China laundry industry this year. The Showcase will call on the whole industry to learn and study from fine examples and models by drawing on wisdom and strength. The power of example will inspire more industry insiders to move forward bravely, to improve vigorously and to develop healthily together with the industry.

Contact: Mr. Cai Xuhui, Ms. Tan Minyi, Ms. Ye Xiaojun

Phone: (020) 8327 6369 / 6389

Email: laundry@unifair.com


Factory Visit & Study for Outstanding Laundry Enterprises

Date & Time: Afternoon of July 19th, 2018

During the exhibition, China Laundry Association will again organize Factory Visit & Study for Outstanding Laundry Enterprises. The visit to the world-class central laundry factories will be open to the industry delegation who will be able to learn advanced management and development concepts. Please follow to this WECHAT platform for the final members of the visiting delegation. 


International Laundry Technology Promotion and Exchange Activities

Event time: July 18th–19th

During the exhibition, exhibitors will release their latest products and hold technical seminars to introduce and discuss the latest laundry technologies, ECO products, smart technologies, post-finishing products, etc. to clients home and abroad. Which exhibitors will be holding seminars and discussions? Please pay attention to the follow-up report….

The practical and efficient pre-event meeting has achieved great success with full communication from all parties. So far, the booth selling of the exhibition has entered into the final stage. We are glad to see that over 1,300 booths in hall W1 & W2 at SNIEC have been fully booked by 200+ famous exhibitors home and abroad. With the total show space of 23,000 square meters, China Laundry Expo 2018 has again reached to record high to become the largest and most important industry event in Asia regions.

With all the constant support of the laundry industry, we have great confidence that China Laundry Expo 2018 will certainly become the most popular and influential edition ever.


We look forward to meeting you in Shanghai during July 17th to 20th.


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