China Laundry Association's General Assembly

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On September 27, 2019, the First China Laundry Industry Conference came to a close with unprecedented scale and bright spots.  This conference brought together many wonderful contents such as "2019 World Laundry Industry Summit Forum", "2019 China Laundry Association's General Assembly", "Welcoming Banquet of China Laundry Expo 2019 and China Laundry Association's General Assembly" and "11th National Laundry and Dyeing Industry Professional Skills Competition". More than 1,000 people took part in the event and participated in the industry grand meeting.

Looking back at the wonderful moment, reappearing the grand ceremony of the conference.


"2019 China Laundry Association's General Assembly" was held on September 24 in Shanghai Pudong Xinghewan International Conference Center. Nearly 400 members of the China Development and Reform Commission, industry elites, relevant leaders, industry experts and media gathered to review the past work of the Association and look forward to its future development.

The conference kicked off with the magnificent national anthem. All the delegates stood up and sang the national anthem together, singing the spirit and strength of laundry people!

As the national association organization of China laundry industry approved by the SASAC of the State Council, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the China Laundry Association has been committed to guiding the continuous, healthy and green development of the laundry industry since its establishment in 2004.It has gone through 15 years, and now the laundry industry has become a thriving and flourishing development trend.  Director Pan Wei of the CLA introduced in detail the development achievements of the laundry industry in recent years in his Work Report. He also summarized all the work and beneficial exploration that the Association has done over the years. At the meeting, he released the promotional film of the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the China Laundry Association, "Start Again, Ascend Together."


The work of the association cannot be carried out without the support and assistance of member units and colleagues in the industry. Ms. Liu Yunli, deputy secretary-general , made the financial report of the CLA to member representatives at the conference.  In line with the principles of thrift and economy and living within our means, CLA has carefully controlled expenditures in accordance with the relevant financial management regulations, rationally utilized limited funds, and voluntarily accepted the supervision of the vast number of member units and supervisory organizations.


Ms. Chen Qian, deputy director of the office of CLA, presided over the meeting and made detailed instructions to the member representatives on the revision of the working regulations of the member units of CLA. The work regulations are an important guarantee for the healthy operation of the association. For many years since its establishment, the China Laundry Association has taken the work regulations as its working criteria, strictly standardized the operation of the association, strengthened the self-discipline management of its member units, and promoted the healthy and orderly development of China laundry industry.



On the 15th anniversary of the founding of CLA, the achievements made along the way are inseparable from the strong support and active participation of member units.  According to the requirements of the "Measures for Implementing Star-level Management for Members of CLA", starting from 2018, CLA will implement star-level management for member units and issue plaques to enhance members' sense of honor and social reputation.  And in the conference for the latest star-rated units awarded the membership card.


As the unit responsible for the work of the secretariat of National Technical Committee 520 on Laundry and Dyeing of Standardization Administration of China, CLA released the latest edition of "Compilation of Laundry Industry Standards" at the conference.


The latest edition of the "Compilation" has been updated and revised on the basis of the 2016 compilation. By the end of May 2019, 141 current national standards, industry standards, local standards, group standards, washing machinery, washing chemicals, auxiliary materials, textile and clothing, dispute resolution methods for local washing and dyeing services and relevant industry laws and regulations have been approved and issued by the national standardization administrative department and the industry standards administrative department.  In the process of compilation, it received the support and help of various local laundry industry associations and relevant units.


A grand award ceremony was held at the General Assembly of the CLA. Honour medals will be awarded to the supporting units of this activity;  Award medals and certificates to outstanding speakers of the Summit Forum and winners of best practice roadshows;  Present the Summit Forum Charm Host Award;  To issue certification certificates to the first batch of enterprises that have passed the certification of CERCLEAN. The opening ceremony for the establishment of the International Supply Chain Service Center of the China Laundry Association was also held at the meeting site.

In his concluding speech, President Jiang Ming of the China General Chamber of Commerce pointed out that the CLA has been able to actively serve the industry and its member enterprises around the overall situation of the reform and development of the laundry industry, and has done a lot of fruitful work, which has been recognized by industry professionals and played an important role in promoting the development of the laundry industry. This is thanks to the strong leadership of the CLA, the support and assistance of the general membership, and the vibrant atmosphere of the industry, which has given the CLA full recognition.



At 7: 00 p.m. on September 24, the "Welcoming Banquet of China Laundry Expo 2019 and China Laundry Association's General Assembly" was ceremoniously held in Shanghai Pudong Xinghewan Hotel.



Mr. Pan Wei, Director of the China Laundry Association; Ms. Wang Dan, Deputy Secretary General of China Light Industry Machinery Association; Mr. Li Qingxin, General Manager of Frankfurt Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.; Mr. Liao Zhiwen, Chairman of Unifair Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.; and Ms. Han Xiuping, General Manager delivered toast.


The guests gathered together to have cordial exchanges with Chinese and foreign experts and elites in the industry. The atmosphere was harmonious and warm and the wine was full of merriment.

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