2019 China Laundry EXPO

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This exhibition is jointly sponsored by China Laundry Association, China Light Industry Machinery Association, Messe Frankfurt Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Unifair Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. It is the first time that Texcare Asia and China Laundry Expo have joined forces.  The quality of the exhibition has improved and the scale is unprecedented. It can be called a global event for the washing and dyeing industry.

Looking back at the wonderful moment, reappearing the grand ceremony of the exhibition!


On September 25, the 2019 China Laundry Expo Opening Ceremony was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Mr. Pan Wei, Director of China Laundry Association; Ms. Kerstin Horaczek, Group Show Director of Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH; Liao Zhiwen, Chairman of Unifair Exhibition Service Co., Ltd; and Wang Dan, Deputy Secretary-General of China Light Industry Machinery Association, delivered warm speeches.

Leaders from more than 30 provinces and cities across the country, heads of over 100 well-known Chinese and foreign washing enterprises and industry experts attended the opening ceremony.


Director Pan Wei said that holding industry-related exhibition activities is one of the important tasks of the Association.  China's laundry industry has developed rapidly in the past 20 years. The China Laundry Expo has set up an important platform for the exhibition and exchange of new products and technologies to face the world and promote the healthy development of the industry. Let’s go hand in hand to jointly create a better future for the laundry industry as a family!


President Jiang Ming of the China General Chamber of Commerce; Pan Wei, Director of CLA; Lu Dangjun, General Manager of the China United Equipment Group Company, Wang Dan; Deputy Secretary General of the China Light Industry Machinery Association; Elgar Straub,

Managing Director of VDMA Textile Care Fabric and Leather Technologies; Kerstin Horaczek, Group Show Director of Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH; Liao Zhiwen, Chairman of Unifair Exhibition Service Co., Ltd,Han Xiuping, general manager; and Li Qingxin, General Manager of Messe Frankfurt Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd jointly cut the ribbon for the Opening Ceremony.


Later, the leaders inspected the exhibition site and expressed their high appreciation for the grand meeting of the industry.  It is believed that the exhibition area, number of exhibitors and audience have improved obviously, which fully reflects the progress and development of China's laundry industry. We should use this broad platform to promote the quality of local brands and strengthen international exchanges and cooperation.

During the Expo, Director Pan Wei paid special attention to visiting member organizations and enterprises, discussing with the leaders of the enterprises and understanding the effect of the exhibition, listening to and collecting feedback from member organizations and excellent enterprises.  During the visit, Director Pan learned that more and more foreign enterprises are concerned about the rapid development and great potential of the Chinese market in the laundry industry. They are willing and will devote more energy to the Chinese market, which will greatly promote the high-quality exchanges between Chinese enterprises and international brands and jointly promote them.

The Expo has a scale of over 30,000 square meters, bringing together 312 outstanding enterprises from 21 countries and regions in the world.  It attracts more than 25,000 professional buyers from more than 70 countries and regions around the world.

The exhibitors had a good talk with their intended customers. People of different nationalities and different skin colors exchanged opinions. They marveled at foreign technology and sighed with admiration of Made in China.  2019 China Laundry Expo is undoubtedly an important platform for displaying the latest products and technology exchange between Chinese and foreign laundry enterprises and high-quality customers.

During the exhibition, there were many highlights of exciting activities in the same period. Hotel Green Laundry Summit Forum and Seminar on  Leather Care New Model Exploration and Market Outlook, to carry out theoretical technical analysis and discussion interaction with the audience.  "11th National Professional Skills Competition for Laundry and Dyeing Industry" is one of the most popular activities on the exhibition site.


2019 China Laundry Expo aims to create a well-known international Laundry industry exhibition with great professional influence and play a positive role in promoting the healthy development of the Laundry industry in China and the world. Looking forward to another brilliant year.

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